Make a Reservation

The Sustainable Materials Library (SML) attaches importance to the right of a user (visitor), will secure the equipment and information; maintain the library in a quiet and tidy environment. To enhance literacy usage, control the usage behavior efficiently, the Plastic Industry Development Center (PIDC) as management has formulated a rule of space utilization, to fulfill the functions of SML.

Due to COVID-19 pandemics, SML only accepts the group reservation, requires at least 5 persons for each group. Please make the reservation 10 days before the day of the visit, via submit the application form (refer to the attachment 1) or contact us (Tel: 04-23595900 extensions “Sustainable Design Group”). Your reservation will be confirmed once it is approved by PIDC. However, if the group is less than 5 persons, please note that you are required to provide reasons.

  1. SML only open to the public every Tuesday to Friday, from 9 am to 4 pm. Maximum 1 hour per visit. Please note that SML did not open during weekends and public holidays.
  2. If there is an event, activities, or renovation ongoing, PIDC will announce the notice of temporarily closed for the visit in advance. Due to the COVID-19 spread prevention, you are allowed to entering when you have done register at the lobby and wear a mask during the whole visit.
  3. To maintain a quiet environment, please keep silent or reduce your volume, and turn your smartphone into vibration mode when you are in the library.
  4. The following goods/behaviors are strictly not allowed:
    • Damage any things or equipment in the library.
    • Littering, smoking, eating, and napping.
    • Any steal or offenses against public decency, privacy and safety…etc.
  5. Please take good care of your belonging stuff and the SML did not have any responsibility for any belonging stuff.
  6. You are required to follow the guidelines of utilization for any resources or collections.
  7. Any camera or recording equipment only allows use in the SML once it was agreed and approved by PIDC. The visitor must follow the rules/guidelines; state the purposes and related information when in the application stage. PIDC did not allow photos or videos used in any dissemination or unrelated activities without permission.
  8. Any user (visitor) did not follow the above rules/guidelines, SML will try to advise first and if failed, then PIDC as management has the right to terminate all visiting and right of a user on usage.
  • If there is any others prohibition that did not state, it will refer to the related rules/guidelines by PIDC.